2. fuckyeahfursuiting:

    My DHC suit! Wish I could get better pictures! X3 Here is the original concept art by NeonSlushie:

    And here is my FA c:

    HOLY HELL WOAH. THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL OF A DESIGN. I had no idea they made this suit! Great suit, I couldn’t see the concept art but those eyes are mesmerizing.  @_@

    - Steampup

  3. wolfkinz:

    Rainy Bust - by ThayRustback

  4. mynosylexia:


    princess monster dog


  8. sparklepawz:

    I Was Kinda Hoping You’d Stay - by crimescene

    (via wolfkinz)

  9. fursuitswag:

    This guy’s up for auction on furbuy!

    Fursuit Maker


  10. krokpot:

    you know when someone commissions you for a free reign design of your own species or whatever and you accidentally use your favorite color scheme and whatnot and don’t want to give it away

    i’ve never had that feeling ever. Nope.